Community Education Presentations

HeadEast clients are given the opportunity to join the Community Education Team, which provides educational presentations about acquired brain injury to high school and university students, traffic offenders, hospital staff, and community organisations in the Eastern Sydney area.

Team members are provided with support to write, prepare and present their life story to community groups. The client's presentation details life pre and post injury, their rehabilitation process and a personal message that enables them to raise awareness about acquired brain injury. Members of the team develop skills in writing, organisation, public speaking and gain self confidence by speaking to the wider community on a topic they have first hand experience in.

The client's story is supported with a factual presentation given by a Community Access Worker who further develops the topic of ABI and raises discussion among the audience.

The objectives of the team are:

  • To raise community awareness of ABI and to promote acceptance.
  • To encourage the audience to be more conscious about engaging in risky behavior.
  • To improve clients' self confidence, communication and public speaking skills.

If you would like to become part of the Community Education Team or are interested in booking a presentation for your organisation or community group contact HeadEast.

Community Education Award

Presenters are recognised for their contributions to raising community awareness about ABI.